The Life of Trees

Tools for the Genetic Genealogist


April 6, 2019


The CSV-Analysis tool was released today in Beta mode. This tool reads downloaded CSV files to report on SNPs and automate the production of SAPP Input files. See the tool's Input and Output pages for descriptions of use.


June 4, 2018


SAPP V3.2 now adds a consistency check to the SNPs and Genealogies, so if SAPP detects an incompatibility between SNP results or genealogy input, it will flag the SNPs or Genealogy groups and the kits in which the incompatible input is found. This may be due to incorrect input, or perhaps unstable SNPs.


March 18, 2018


SAPP V3.0 has just been released! This version tightens up some of the confidence factors, so you may see some minor changes in the thickness of the lines connecting boxes. There is also a new SHOWREASONS function in the /OPTIONS choices - see the Inputs pages.


Also, we have started a new page on Facebook for tips and discussion about SAPP. If you're on Facebook, visit us at


March 8, 2018


The updated L21 SNP tree was recently loaded into the tool. It now contains 2,259 SNPs under Z290/L21, as well as SNP trees for U106, L2, and DF27 for a total of 3,761 SNPs.


February 18, 2018


V2.9 changed the adjusted genetic distance table to reflect only the STRs within that kit's number of markers.


February 1, 2018


V2.82 adds the NOSTRS option to suppress the STR mutation history on the output tree!


November 14, 2017


V2.81 is a small change to show the name of the uploaded file at the top of the HTML output.


October 31, 2017


V2.8 adds the number of input STRs in the upper right hand of each kit in the tree picture as a handy cross-reference for how many STR markers were used for each kit.


September 29, 2017


The V2.7 release includes two new options: first, a /CALIBRATE section which allows you to adjust TMRCAs in the tree to known years. SAPP will then flow the other TMRCAs above and below that (or those) nodes to compensate. Second, a new /COLORS section allows you to change the color of any kit or node in the output tree. Check the Inputs page for more details!


June 21, 2017


The V2.5 release includes two new text options - a /INFO section to place additional information on the tree against each kit or node, and a /GROUPS section to place labels above boxes! Check the Inputs page for more details!


June 8, 2017


V2.4 includes major changes to the TMRCA estimating, which now implements Ken Nordtvedt's full least squares interclade age estimating package (for anyone familiar with his Generations program).


May 31, 2017


V2.2 and V2.3 have come out in rapid succession, with improvements to SAPP's recognition of upstream STR signatures.


February 14, 2017


A new program, SNPTree, has been added. This program allows you to see into SAPP's internal database of SNPs and print a portion of the Y-SNP Tree. Note that only the R1b-Z260/L21 Y-SNP tree has been loaded into SAPP so far; other parts of the Y-SNP tree will be added over time.


February 1, 2017


SAPP V2.0 has been released! The program now works on any number of kits, although it may run for quite some time on several hundred kits. Status messages are printed periodically if the program is running for a long time so you can see where it is in the processing. There are also some new options and inputs - see the Inputs and Advanced Inputs screens for more details.


January 14, 2017


A website bug that stopped SAPP working in some browsers has been fixed.  The program no longer opens a new window to display its table output but you can get back to the program menu by clicking your browser's "back" key.



April 12, 2016


Version 1.2 of SAPP has raised the graphical tree limit to 250 kits!



April 2, 2016


Version 1.1 of SAPP has been released!  The tool now produces graphical trees in PNG format for groups up to 80 kits, and trees in text format for groups from 81 to 300 kits.




March 15, 2016


Announcing the official release of SAPP (version 1, I guess)!


Please note that this tool is still in BETA stage and is subject to possible undiscovered bugs!  


Please report any issues to me at: